UFC betting tips: Our top predictions, odds and strategies

UFC betting tips: Our top predictions, odds and strategies

There might be easier sports to bet on, but we are sure that UFC can also be a great sport to bet on. Sometimes it might be a bit too unpredictable and surprises happen, but this also happens in soccer and basketball for example. No matter the sport you are betting on, there are always risks involved and that is the reason why it is called betting. Usually, UFC betting tips are quite straightforward and have valid information regarding the fight. MMA betting, in general, might be harder as other promotions outside of UFC are not so popular and well researched. We would recommend making UFC predictions and avoiding smaller promotions.

UFC predictions – top current picks for 2021 fights

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UFC betting picks

If you are new to UFC content then first you should read about UFC betting tips in order to gain enough knowledge. Without the proper knowledge, you will be making picks only based on odds and this will not be good in the long run. First of all the easiest way to bet on UFC is to just pick the winner of the fight. Basically a simple winner A or winner B situation where you have to predict the winner of the bout. In our UFC betting tips, we usually try to give an overview of the fight and why one fighter should be better than the other one. Of course, there is always a moment of surprise in the fights and something none of us would like to see are injuries. Most of the fighters might get minor injuries during their training camps and because of the system they can not pull out of the fights and try to hide those small injuries. During the fight, the body is tested to the maximum and small injuries might turn out to be a fight-ending injury.

If you are sure when the fight will end, then you can also bet on the exact round where one fighter will finish the fight. This is a higher-risk bet and usually, we do not recommend such a bet in our UFC betting tips. Of course, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward but make sure you keep your set limits and mostly do this only for the entertainment value.

No matter if you are planning to watch the event or not there is also a possibility to make a so-called combo bet. What it means is that for example, you pick winners for three different fights and all the odds will be multiplied. This means that if you choose one winner incorrectly your whole bet will be a loss. As we also mentioned before, the higher the risk the higher the reward also applies here. Make sure to follow UFC betting tips before placing your bets as sometimes there might be useful information regarding the fight that is opposite to the betting site's odds.

How to choose good odds

There are fights where UFC betting sites get their so-called predictions wrong. When you are up to date with the latest news regarding MMA and also UFC betting tips then you might find loopholes that the betting site has missed. Under this, we mean small injuries, family problems, flight delays, or bad training camps. All this might affect the outcome of the fight, because without good training before the fight the fighter will not perform at his or her maximum level.

Most of the time all the betting sites have similar odds, but there might be some sites that have slightly higher odds for a fight you are looking to bet on. Make sure you check through different sites before placing your bet. No matter if you are betting big or small amounts in the end the goal is to make as much money as possible with your betting. There even have been occasions where a betting site has made a slight error and picked an incorrect winner for the bout.

What to avoid betting on UFC

First of all, you should avoid betting on fights that you have no information about. Most of the time people just choose odds without even reading about the fight and everything related to it. Research is the number one key element to successful betting and also winning from your predictions.

If you are not sure about the fight or the outcome, then it simple – just do not bet on the bout. UFC betting tips and websites providing them might also be wrong and everything should be researched by yourself. Later on, it is extremely simple to blame someone else, but actually, you should have made your own predictions and not count on other people's research.

Also, when you are betting on fights that you are personally involved in, you should avoid being manipulated by it. By this, we mean that if you are a fan of a fighter and he or she is a strong underdog, then most likely he or she will not win the fight.

UFC picks

How to be most effective with betting

When you have chosen UFC to be the sport to bet on, make sure you have enough information before making your bets. At first, any combo bets and risky bets should be avoided in order to study the sport and get results later on. Combo bets might seem attractive but they are also extremely risky, because no matter the bout, there might be a lucky punch that turns your betting slip into a loss.

We would recommend starting out with just single bets on the outcome of the fight without any extras or risky decisions. If you feel yourself to be confident enough you can start mixing up different solutions in order to gain bigger success. Starting out with massive combo bets is also bad because most of the time your bankroll will run out faster than the time you hit your first big win.

In order to be effective in the long run, you should always think through your bets from different sides. You should put yourself into the position of both fighters and see why one or another fighter should win this fight. Does he or she have the advantage over their opponent or is there a mis-match regarding the fighting styles? What ever the reasons might be, in the end calm mind will be highly advised and emotional decisions usually do not pay off.