UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum live stream online guide

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum live stream online guide

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum is on the horizon. Let's take a look at how to follow the event online through legal live streaming options.

Whittaker vs Gastelum – the main event

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This was not the fight the UFC was planning at first. Due to flu, Paulo Costa had to pull out of the fight and Gastelum took his spot. This might not seem to be important at first glance, but actually, this fight will most likely determine who can fight Israel Adesanya next. If some of you do not know then Adesanya is the champion holding the belt at the moment, so this would mean the next fight is potentially a title fight for this bout winner. UFC Fight Night live stream will be available for all ESPN subscribers. When you already have the subscription then there is nothing else to do other than wait. When you do not have it then you should consider buying the subscription in order to avoid missing out on the action. The Fight Night will take place on April 17 and although it is a fight night and not PPV it still has great bouts between good fighters.

As we all know then all PPV events are a bit different and also cost much more to enjoy. Whittaker vs Gastelum live stream is something you do not want to miss. There is going to be a tight fight between really great fighters and the fight can go both ways. Whittaker vs Gastelum live stream will be most likely the best fight of the night. Both fighters want to prove to Dana White that they are going to be the next title challengers.

How to watch UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum

If you are looking for the best solution to be part of the action then you should consider having an ESPN or ESPN+ subscription. It is a paid subscription and will cost you around 6USD per month to enjoy the UFC events (not including PPV events) and of course, there are more sporting events that you can enjoy watching. True fans also have the chance to watch online using different packages or bundles that ESPN is offering. Before purchasing the subscription make sure you are eligible to watch it and have a good internet connection to avoid any data loss and flickering picture. The show is broadcast in great quality so also might want to stream it to your TV and avoid watching it from a small computer screen.

Make sure you are not looking for different illegal ways to watch the stream as this is just not worth it. Even if you are only interested in one event then paying 6USD for it is not actually that much. This can be compared to several cups of coffee that are maybe not needed after all? Supporting your favorite sports is a way to make them grow and free live stream is not something that should be considered. Make sure you do not miss the action and watch a legit online broadcast.

Why avoid illegal streams?

The first and most important reason for it is that it is illegal. Illegal activities should not be promoted or used. The second and also important reason is that fighter salaries depend on the subscriptions made by viewers. Also, the organization needs funds in order to increase its quality over time. It does not have to mean only better and bigger fights but also they can pay a decent salary to their workers to generate the best experience for their fans. If you have ever tried to watch anything online with stream services then you know that it might be a struggle. There are loads of ads and other spam pop-ups that change the enjoyable entertainment into a real disaster. Illegal streams might also include different malware and viruses that might ruin your computer. We highly recommend you stick to our how to watch guides. This Fight Night will be no different and you can use the ESPN services. Whittaker vs Gastelum live stream will be aired on time and no matter where you are located you can take a look if you have the subscription. UFC Fight Night live stream only costs 6USD as we mentioned before and with the subscription, you can also enjoy all other benefits provided by the ESPN channel.

Main event overview

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As mentioned before, the main event will take place between Whittaker and Gastelum. Both fighters have proven that they belong to the top of the division. Whittaker used to be the belt owner for this division but lost it to the Nigerian fighter named Israel Adesanya, who is said to be one of the greatest middleweight fighters ever. Whittaker is hungry to get his waist wrapped with the belt once again, but before that he has to stop Gastelum, and then he might have a shot at the title. This will not be an easy fight for either of the fighters but we do know that both fighters have their chances and this can go either way. If we look at these fighters' previous fights, we know that Whittaker has had better fights and Gastelum bounces back from a three-fight losing streak with only one decision win after the losses. Both fighters have a lot to prove in order to earn the title shot.

Adesanya is for sure a dream fight for both fighters competing with each other. Everyone wants to fight the best of the best and Adesanya is just a person for sure. We can be sure that Adesanya will be looking at the UFC Fight Night live stream. We believe that this is the fight Dana White is looking to make happen next in line. The Middleweight division is stacked with great fighters and as we know Adesanya likes to keep himself busy. At the moment there are rumors that after his loss to Jan in the next weight class he wants to make a comeback in early summer. We can expect an vision for a dominant fight in order to prove that he is the king of the division without a doubt. Stylebender as many call him has to prove to the public that he is the next superstar to replace previous star Conor McGregor.

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