UFC Fight Night: TIll vs Vettori picks & odds (11/04/2021)

UFC Fight Night: TIll vs Vettori picks & odds (11/04/2021)

Yet another great Fight Night will take place in Las Vegas. This will be the event featuring 15 different bouts throughout the evening. The UFC has been an amazing organization for all the fans around the globe. UFC was the first company to make live sports events during the time everyone else had no funds to make something such wonderful possible. UFC Fight Night: Till vs Vettori has been in the making for quite a long and finally the wait is over. The event will take place on April 10 and as earlier mentioned in Las Vegas. All the fans should tune in and be grateful for the spot the fights are taking place.

Till vs Vettori – The main event

Both of the fighters have lots of things to prove to their fans and also to the UFC. Till has been in a bad form lately, although when he first started in the UFC then he was a promising rising superstar. As both are promising fighters they might get to chance to become the No.1 contender for the belt. All the fighters in the UFC try their hardest in order to achieve something special – in this case, they are all looking for the belt around their waist. Fighters in this bout are young and full of power, they are ready to put everything in the line to have their hand raised in the octagon after the fight. In order to make a Till vs Vettori prediction, we first have to take a look at both of the fighters.

Darren Tilldarren till

Darren Till or the Gorilla as most of the fans are calling him. He has been active since the year 2013 and is looking to become the next champion in the division. Currently, he has a record of 18-3-1. If you are not aware of what those numbers mean, then it means the fighter has 18 victories, 3 losses, and 1 draw. A draw is something none of the fighters want, as this means you have wasted your training camp without the correct outcome. Of course, a draw is better than a loss, but it also depends on the damage to take and how long it takes in order to be back in the octagon. Till made his debut in the UFC at UFC Fight Night 67 where he had just nine days to prepare for the fight. The debut was a great success and Darren became a sensation in a small period of time. Till Vittori prediction from our side would be Till, as he has more experience and is hungry to get back on the winning streak.

Marvin Vettori

Mentioned before, Till Vittori odds are quite close and it is extremely hard to pick a winner. Marvin made his debut in the UFC at UFC 202. It was about five years ago and his career has not been very noticeable when compared to Till. There has been less trash talk and less trash talk means that you are not so attractive to the media and fans. He has a record of 16-4-1 that is not bad at all and really similar to Darren Till´s record. Both of the fighters are physically strong and will not back out of any fights. The most noticeable fight of Vettori´s career is a loss against Israel Adesanya. He lost the fight via a split decision that was controversial as many believed Vettori was the better fighter during that night. As mentioned Till vs Vettori prediction is a hard one to make, because both fighters have one-punch knockout power combined with tremendous speed and agility.

marvin vettori

Other fights on the card

We can not look through the fight between Mike Perry and Daniel Rodriquez. This will be an entertaining fight as Mike Perry always brings loads of adrenaline to the octagon and he has a really interesting fighting style. Most of the time his fights end with a powerful knockout and he is also famous for his trash talking. No matter the occasion he is always coming to the octagon with only winning thoughts on his mind. This should be no news to UFC fans that Perry is not afraid to spill some blood and fight dirty. Under dirty fighting, we mean that he accepts to get hit in order to hit the opponent. The second fight to wait for is the bout between Arnold Allen and Sodiq Yusuff. Both of the fighters are looking to raise in the rankings and reach the magical Top10 positions. Next, we are going to take a look at the UFC betting tips that we recommend and also try to explain how we made up such decisions.

Betting predictions

Now we are going to take a look at some of the fights taking place at Fight Night. Most of the predictions are based on fighters' previous performances and history in the UFC.

Darren Till vs Marvin Vettori

As we mentioned before, we are predicting that Till will win the fight. The fight itself will be close and both of the fighters will have their chances. Darren Till will have stylistically a small advantage as he is most likely the better fighter on his feet. Both of the fighters have powerful shots that can end the fight already in the first round. Hopefully, this fight will last longer and the fans can have the fight to remember for a long time. Till would secure a big next fight if he can finish Vettori or even if he wins the fight via decision. It is always better to win with a dominant performance as this gives Dana White more to think about when he is making the next bouts.

Mike Perry vs Daniel Rodriquez

Another great fight on the card. For this fight, our certain prediction will be Perry. Lately, Perry has been training really hard and he is looking forward to achieving the position to become the next challenger for the title. Rodriquez is five years older than Perry and might lack speed. Perry has a very aggressive style and also he will start the fight fast. Some of the fighters can not handle the storming first minutes and will feel very uncomfortable during it. This might end with a first-round knockout.