UFC 261 Picks: Select the best Predictions and Odds

UFC 261 Picks: Select the best Predictions and Odds

This will be a remarkable event as for a long time there has been no crowd at the shows, but this is going to change on April 24 in Jacksonville, Florida. UFC President Dana White has announced his plan to make the event with fans – the feedback has been out of this world and everyone is looking for a way to get themselves a ticket. At this given moment it is said that 15000 fans will be allowed into the arena and this will be a huge boost for the fans and of course also to the fighters. UFC 261 predictions will be hard to make, as the event features 3 title fights and we all know that title fights usually mean tight competition.

UFC 261: Main event predictions

usman ufc 261 picks

Usman vs Masvidal was a fight that was already made at UFC 251, but the fight was taken on a six-day notice from the Masvidal side. This means that the fighter did not have enough time for a full camp and could not perform up to their limits. The previous fight went into the judge's scorecards and Usman won by unanimous decision. When we have a look at the upcoming fight, then we know that Masvidal will have proper preparation and most likely will perform much better. UFC 261 odds are strongly in favor of Usman, but we believe that Masvidal might have a chance this time. He is well-known for his fast-paced and different approach to fighting. Usman can be called a classical MMA fighter but Masvidal is more of a streetfighter with many different techniques and approaches.

In general, this fight will be most likely the highlight of the evening as Usman vs Masvidal is something fans have been waiting for. What makes it even sweeter is the fact that we also mentioned before – there will be 15000 fans cheering. Most of the time Masvidal performs much better when the crowd is in the arena. In our opinion, we think this is going to be a close fight with chances from both sides. Make sure you get the best out of our UFC 261 picks to make the event even more enjoyable. Both of the fighters have given insight that everything is going as planned and they will have a so-called war. We know that neither of the fighters shows weakness prior to the fights – but we also know that neither of them will give up and will fight till the last blood drop.

Other fights on the main card

As this card is stacked with good fights we know that it will be a good night for every fan out there. We have not such an amount of fans in the arena since March of 2020, so the tickets will be sold out immediately and everybody wants to see live-events. Next, we are going to look through the fight and give our UFC 261 predictions. Make sure you do your own research as this is just our opinion on the fights and in the fight business, there are not any certain results. All the fighters always have a chance to make a surprise and finish the fight with just one punch or choke.

  • Jessica Andrade vs Valentina Shevchenko

This will be a title fight for the belt and both of the fighters are want to win the fight. Shevchenko is the pick for many UFC 261 predictions. She has been very dominant in previous fights and she is also the titleholder at the moment. Andrade will most likely have his chances throughout the fight but will most likely lack the confidence to show her skills. Shevchenko is known to be a very aggressive and fast starter – she likes to be the dominant side in order to achieve the end goal of the fight, which means of course winning the fight. Our pick for the fight would be Shevchenko because we believe that Andrade will not be able to defend herself and get hurt early on.

  • Rose Namajunas vs Weili Zhang

Both of the fighters have shown excellent performances in their previous fights and without a doubt, this fight will be very close. Our UFC 261 tips are well informed, but regarding this fight, it is really hard to predict the winner. We have seen how both of the fighters have a high level of skill and always perform to their best. Zhang is also well-known for her endurance and excellent tolerance to getting hit. When we compare Usman vs Masvidal fight to this one, then we believe this fight even might be closer and more interesting than the main event.

Namajunas UFC 261

Other notable fights on the card

Already there are three title fights and the other fights on the card are also interesting. For example, there will be a fight between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall. Both of the fighters are experienced fighters and have lots of cage time. Some believe that the best time for Weidman is over, but as he is still competing we think he still has the mind power in order to win fights and why not become the champion again one day. UFC 261 odds regarding this fight are basically even. None of the betting sites give an advantage to one fighter and this means that they think the fight will be close. Everyone likes close fights so there are lots of those coming! We can not look through the fight between Anthony Smith and Jimmy Crute. This is going to be a huge fight for the fans as both of them are fan favourites and interesting fighters to watch. If we should predict the winner then our pick would be Anthony Smith as he has shown great performance in his previous fights.

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