Terence Crawford biography, career record & highlights

Terence Crawford biography, career record & highlights

Terence Allan “Bud” Crawford

Terence Crawford is an American boxer that has an unbreakable record of 37 wins and 0 losses. This is a record that every amateur or professional boxer would like to have. He has fought in three different weight classes: lightweight, light-welterweight, and welterweight. There can not be a single boxing fan that says that Terence Crawford's record is not remarkable. If you can compete and win in three different weight classes then that means that you are not just a good boxer but you are something different than the others.

What makes him stand out from the others is also the way he wins his fights. Most of the fights are true dominations and end with a KO. For readers that do not know what a KO means then it means KnockOut. Basically, you hit the opponent so hard that he fells on the ring floor and can not get up in ten seconds. Usually, people have a similar reach and height ratio of 1:1. In Terence Crawford's case, this is not similar – he has a reach of 188cm being just 173cm in height. Terence Crawford record is even more impressive when you have seen him fight with opponents much taller than himself, who in general should have a decent reach advantage.

Most notable successes

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In our opinion, one of the most important fights in Terence's career was the bout against Amir Khan. Many people thought that it is impossible to win against him but against the odds, he could do it. The fight ended with a TKO in round number 6. Khan was already dropped in the first round and everything went great when we are watching it from Terence's side. Defeating Khan also made him a much-desired fight for many different fighters that had previously rejected fighting him.

There are belts that every fighter wants to have, but on the other hand, there is also a P4P ranking that means a lot to many fighters. Under P4P we mean who is the best fighter in the pound-for-pound category. Different websites and organizations make their own lists but one of the most trusted ones is the one made by ESPN. As of February 2021, Crawford was ranked as the world's best active boxer in this category. He has also been named Fighter of the Year by ESPN in 2014 and 2017. As boxing has such tight competition in different weight classes, then the pound-for-pound title gives the best overview of actually how good the fighter is.

Personal life overview

In his personal life, everything has not been as great as in the boxing ring. He was found guilty of criminal mischief, third-degree assault, and trespassing in September 2016. All this got a start from a random misunderstanding in a car workshop. Crawford had refused to pay the remaining cost of the paintwork as he was not satisfied with the result. In the workshop, he started to lower the car by himself and damaged the device. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail but would have had to serve only 53 days. Later that day his attorney posted a 10000USD bond that got Terence out. Such incidents never leave a good trace on your professional career and the same happened to Crawford. As all fighting sports use the so-called magical trash talk to promote fights the same happened to Terence. Opponents started to use his legal issues against him and this was definitely hard psychologically.

The topic around Terence Crawford´s wife has been a hot one. Nobody actually knows exactly if he is married or not. We know that he is named Alondra Person, but at the moment we do not any information if this relationship is legally bound or not. They also have a son together, and the relationship is real, but they tend to keep it secret to avoid too much attention. Some of the sources say that they are married but do not have the marriage date, other websites state that they are no married yet.

Net worth and average salary per fight

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Most of us have seen how fighters have big salaries but are they actually that high? For example, in August 2017 Terence beat Julius Indongo to win the WBA welterweight title. For this fight, he earned 1.5m USD, but none of us know how much he spent to get in shape for the fight. Also, fighters have big teams that require a salary, and all expenses must be paid. This can not be compared to your regular monthly paycheck. Terence Crawford net worth is estimated to be around 6-8m USD, but we can not be 100% sure about it. In November 2020 Terence earned 4m USD for beating Kell Brook. We can be sure that he is earning good money for what he is doing, but we also have to remember he is one of the most outstanding fighters ever who has walked on this planet.

Multiple weight classes

This is no surprise anymore that fighters tend to fight in multiple weight classes at the same time. It has been done several times in the UFC and is more often done in boxing. There are several reasons for it. First of all, fighters have big egos and they want to test themselves to the limits. If you are the best fighter in the weight class you might get bored and want to prove to the world that you can beat fighters bigger and stronger than you are. Such confidence has also destroyed many careers in different fight sports. For example Conor McGregor was undefeated in the UFC before he went up two weight classes and lost to a opponent that was not supposed to win him. If you move up in weight classes you have to understand that your strikes are not that strong anymore and if normally they would KO the opponent then now the fights will go forward.