Top 10 Pound-for-Pound boxers in the world in 2021

Top 10 Pound-for-Pound boxers in the world in 2021

Before we start, it would be wise to clarify what Pound-for-Pound or P4P means. Basically, there are experts that list top fighters by their results, weight, and other factors that affect the so-called score. In this ranking it does not make a difference if you are a heavyweight or flyweight fighter, everyone has equal chances of becoming one of the best pound for pound boxers. We can not look at this ranking like a realistic listing, because of course when we would match-up big fighters with small ones then the results would be clear before the bout. Still, this list gives us an overview of the top pound for pound boxers who are active at the moment. Now let´s take a look at the TOP 10 list of the fighters listed by ESPN. We have chosen ESPN ranking because we find it to be the best that there is at the moment. You can also find lists made by BoXrec and The Ring for example.

TOP 10 list of the best pound for pound boxers right now

We are going to start our list with the best fighter and end it with the number 10 fighter. Everyone who made it to the list can be considered as one of the greatest boxers alive at the moment. There are no newcomers and most of the fighters are also well-known for the majority of the boxing scene.

1 – Terence Crawford

terence crawford

With a record of 37-0 he is one of the best pound for pound boxers ever walked the planet. He has competed in three different weight classes and has never lost a fight. Most of the fights take place in the welterweight category and at the moment he is also holding the WBO welterweight belt.

2 – Canelo Alvarez

Most rankings list him as one of the best pound for pound boxers of all time. He has fought 58 times and has only lost once. Two of the fights ended with a draw. The only loss came from the fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

3 – Naoya Inoue

Naoya Inoue is the only Japanese fighter on our list of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. In general, he is not that well-known because he is having his matches in the bantamweight category. Most of the attention goes to the heavier-weight classes.

4 – Errol Spence Jr

errol spence jr

Another fighter with a perfect record of 27-0. He is an American professional boxer that has been active since 2009.

5 – Teofimo Lopez

One of the youngest fighters in the best pound for pound boxers ranking. He was born in 1997 and in his short career, he has already had 16 fights with a perfect record.

6 – Tyson Fury

A true heavyweight that is well-known for his trash talk and personal life problems. Different weight issues have been a serious problem, but after getting over it, he became the WBC champion. Without a doubt, he is one of the top pound for pound boxers at the heavyweight division.

7 – Vasyl Lomachenko

This Ukrainian boxer is not that well-known to the public but still has an amazing skill set.

8 – Oleksandr Usyk

oleksandr usyk

We follow up with another Ukrainian at position eight.

9 – Juan Francisco Estrada

Mexican fighter with a long career in the super flyweight division. He has a record of 41-3, which means he has been really active in his career.

10 – Gennady Golovkin

One of the most entertaining boxers out there. He has been part of many historical boxing bouts and also has a nickname that comes from his name initials – GGG.

Why and how these fighters are chosen

Most of the time a group of experts gives their opinions about boxers' performances. For example when there is a match where two equal opponents clash and one of them has a really dominant victory, then most likely he will rise in the P4P ranking. The more dominance you show in your fights the better the odds that different media companies and sports reporters will notice. In general, more attention means that you are more likely to get better fights and better fights translate into more money. Most of the boxers fight because that is their job, of course, some of them enjoy the feeling you get when you are the best and that is something everyone wants to achieve. Some of the best pound for pound boxers are fighting in multiple different weight classes and the reason is simple. In order to get noticed in the tight competition, you have to stand out from the so-called crowd.

Fighters that might make the list in the near future

We all know how good Anthony Joshua is but still, he is not on the list of the P4P rankings. He has been quite active lately but for some reason, he has not had enough attention around in and that might be the cause why he is not listed. The second fighter that we would place in the rankings is Andy Ruiz Jr, as he has had some amazing fights lately and although his body is not in the best shape weight-wise, he still should be a member of the pound-for-pound ranking lists.

These are just a few simple samples of fighters that are not listed, but actually, there are much more boxers that should be on the list but are not at the moment. These lists mostly include fighters that can fight in several different weight classes and this gives an edge to the fighters that can do it. For example, heavyweight fighters rarely can fight in lower divisions and it is much easier to move up in weight than to move down. Hopefully, in the near future, we will see small changes to the ranking lists that would count more of the overall skill and dominance. Fighting in four different weight classes does not make you a better fighter if you can not dominate there. In general, the ranking lists are up to date and can be taken as serious lists. There are always some upsets that make people question the rankings.